The idea for this project came during one afternoon when I took my car for a wash just after I’d bought a phone with a camera. I decided to have a play and was fascinated by the results.

I was particularly interested in the lack of control that I had with a piece of equipment where shutter delay and exposure controls paled in comparison with a DSLR. The unpredictability of using a phone in an ever-changing situation became a challenge. The final results were a surprise, things turned out sometimes completely differently than I imagined. I was hooked!

Not that it made me a carwash addict. I remain one of those people who only takes their car for a wash a few times a year, even if it doesn’t need a clean. I did however explore different carwashes especially if the brushes were of different colour and tried different times of day.

As I photographed more I began to get more control although there remains a large element of the unforeseen. Choosing the images and reading into them became fascinating. Images began at an early stage of the project to suggest things.

It is this projected meaning and the unpredictability of the results that I find so engaging about making these images. Photographing in a mundane situation such as a car wash remain part of my work and using non-professional equipment for me demonstrates that the focus of photography should be on the images, not the equipment used to make them.