Echoes – Burlish Top

Burlish Top

This is the site of a former American Army camp in WWII which became a hospital and then cheap housing until about 1960. It fell into disuse and in 1994 became a nature reserve. There are remnants of the original buildings around the site. The concrete pathways are the original ones, some of which show the post-holes which used to form the base of a covered walkway. The rest consist of foundations, some areas of floor and a lot of moss-covered rubble dotted around. In the last 3 or so years there has been a lot of clearance work in evidence. On the one hand, the excellent project to commemorate the history of the camp led by the Facebook group “We love Stourport-on-Severn past and present” ( has brought in an historical dimension to the experience of the area. On the other, the local council has cleared a large area bounded by a fence in an attempt to recover and extend the lowland heath area. This activity has shown the extent of the camp by revealing the pathways, some of the woodland clearance has revealed more of the extent of the remaining camp. There is some fascinating information in the Burlish Camp Website (