Echoes – Wyre Forest Crematorium and Cemetery

Wyre Forest Crematorium and Cemetery

This site has been open since 2011 and stands on a 23 acre site.  There is a large building and car-park area with some very well tended gardens. The rest consists of large fields which are still quite empty as the site is so large and has to look to the future. In part these look like grassy fields with some activity which on closer inspection become memorials. The dichotomy between the two makes for a fascinating place visually. We are not sure how to view the place especially outside the fields outside the garden. Are they fields we can walk in or something more? As you reach some of the memorials the place does not quite feel like a cemetery and this is very disquieting. The landscape at least is very much in transition and has not yet attained the feeling of ‘cemetery’ you get in more established places. Thanks to Dignity for permission to photograph there.