Burlish Top – A conversation, 19th May 2015

I met an interesting man today while at Burlish Top. He was walking his dog and stopped to ask me if I’d lost mine as I must have looked confused. The purpose of my visit today was to try and map the Nature Reserve against the locations of the American Army Camp from WWII. I told him about my purpose and he gave me some fascinating information about the history of the place. The place I was standing in marked where the mess buildings were. The concrete pathways around the reserve were contemporary to the Army Base. He pointed out some holes on either side of the pathway and told me they were posts which held up the roof of a covered pathway. He had been invited for a meal to the base and remembered it well, it was fascinating to meet someone who had personal experience of the place.

I have gained an insight into the location which I did not have before and a mission to look for the location of the church which was used by Polish immigrants after the war, apparently just a concrete square is all that is left.

I took the photograph straight after the conversation as he walked into the distance to mark the moment and the location.

Although the history of Burlish Camp is fascinating my project does not depend on such. Finding out about the background to a location flavours the response and therefore the images produced. I am going to spend some looking a bit further into the history but also to place a limitation on the project.

Carwash Images

A marvelous evening spent working on Carwash photos listening to Portico Quartet!

Some were taken today and some have been lurking on my phone for a while. Will finish tomorrow and upload them.

Burlish Top

I am enjoying my visits to Burlish Top. Every visit is a different experience and throws up new images. The focus today was on the light coming through the trees. Although I had hoped to combine this with the recent concentration on the historical artefacts it was not possible because of the lay of the land at this time of day. I’ll have to wait until a sunny weekend day to see how the light spreads across the area. Knowledge of an area and getting a view of what is possible is an exciting prospect.

Martineau Gardens at the end of April

I feel as if i need to start bringing together the images I have taken at the gardens. A visit today as usual was peaceful and gleaned some good images. I felt though as if I was filling in gaps from previous visits although it also felt necessary.

Burlish Top this morning

Had a short time to take some photographs in the morning mist. Since the heathland clearance has begun a lot more remnants of the WW2 American Army buildings have become apparent. Making these a feature for Burlish Top looks like part of the plan. There are info posts about the buildings and the activity of the area during the War. I hope they leave some of the stonework as it is and don’t clean it all up. The moss covered stonework and the undergrowth add an air of mystery and a feeling of history being overtaken by nature. It would be a shame to see it all sanitised in the interests of ‘history’.

This new project using the local landscape is beginning to take shape.

Spring at Martineau Gardens

Have been tied up so much recently I thought I would miss photographing Spring this year. Only had a short time today as there was a birthday party on this afternoon but love the flowers and the blossoms. The brisk wind today meant the blossoms are out of focus but some of the flower images are good. I’ll have to go back when the wind is less fierce and try again.

visit to gloucester

We took some students to Gloucester today for a photographic trip, mainly to the docks and the cathedral. A great day for weather and there were some great photo opportunities.

having a bit of fun at the county museum

We went to the Worcestershire County Museum at Hartlebury Castle. I decided I would produce a set of slightly overcooked HDR images of the visit for a bit of fun. Sometimes it’s good to have a break from the usual and the humdrum. The set are on

driving home

I was driving on the way home yesterday going the back way via countryside to avoid the traffic. I ‘saw’ many photographs I could have taken but no opportunity to do so. What is it about seeing images in this way – as soon as you go out with a camera these many become precious few.

Is it to do with expectations?

Reflections on Martineau Gardens

An interesting if short time spent at Martineau Gardens this morning. It is just over a year now since I started photographing there and have been thinking I need to look at organising a venue to show the work.

I was also pondering on what I have done with the project at Martineau. When I started I had a notion that I would be mainly focusing on the seasons and the cycle of growth and death. I have since discovered layers of meaning and experience within the gardens. Of course there is the element of plant life, the different types of area and the glasshouse and other interior structures. but a public community garden is also about the people. The people who work there, the volunteers and the users. From a Tai Chi group to private parties everyone has a separate and individual experience of the space. They also leave an imprint on the feeling of the place and sometimes some physical evidence.

As a photographer I am also a user, taking from the gardens but also hoping I can give something back. I have become enchanted by Martineau Gardens. Observing the changes both of the seasons and the continuous maintenance gives me some of the ingredients I need to make images. The quiet atmosphere allows me to reflect and meditate, finding evidence of human use inspires me to bring everything together into the images I make.

I hope I have done the gardens justice so far