Reflections on Martineau Gardens

An interesting if short time spent at Martineau Gardens this morning. It is just over a year now since I started photographing there and have been thinking I need to look at organising a venue to show the work.

I was also pondering on what I have done with the project at Martineau. When I started I had a notion that I would be mainly focusing on the seasons and the cycle of growth and death. I have since discovered layers of meaning and experience within the gardens. Of course there is the element of plant life, the different types of area and the glasshouse and other interior structures. but a public community garden is also about the people. The people who work there, the volunteers and the users. From a Tai Chi group to private parties everyone has a separate and individual experience of the space. They also leave an imprint on the feeling of the place and sometimes some physical evidence.

As a photographer I am also a user, taking from the gardens but also hoping I can give something back. I have become enchanted by Martineau Gardens. Observing the changes both of the seasons and the continuous maintenance gives me some of the ingredients I need to make images. The quiet atmosphere allows me to reflect and meditate, finding evidence of human use inspires me to bring everything together into the images I make.

I hope I have done the gardens justice so far