Martineau Gardens at the end of 2015

It was really good to be back to photograph at Martineau on Sunday. It has been a busy year and and too many things have been left far too long on the shelf. The peace that the gardens generate and experiencing it as a place for meditation and reflection has been sorely missed. Much work has been done here in the past few months and the place is looking better than ever.

Having the time to reflect for a short while I realise I need to complete this project. I also would like to showcase how valuable a resource Martineau Gardens is to the community and encourage more people to go and also contribute. Martineau Gardens does not receive a fund from external sources and runs on charitable donations, plant sales and hire of the venue. I hope a photographic exhibition will help to achieve some of these goals and pay the organisation back for some of the most peaceful and creative moments of the last year or so.

I normally shy of making New Year resolutions but my major task in 2016 will be to pull the project together and find a place to exhibit the work.