Alternative Christmas Tree

I love this time of year. The landscape is changing on a daily basis, weather is unpredictable and the light is amazing. I went out with the family to see if there were any mushrooms to forage – still nothing yet! Maybe we’re looking in the wrong places, although these are well trod areas. I took my camera as it was foggy outside. I always go out to photograph in fog and also frost, even if I have to force myself out of the front door. The mixture of the dew and the early morning light were bringing out the spider webs. It is unbelievable how many spiders there are per square area and maybe more so that we don’t notice except on days like this. I’ve captured a few images of the webs but this tree is one of my favourites and reminds me of the festive season to come. Spider webs also remind me of the Victorian era for some reason that I don’t understand as yet.